Pushkaramsa vedic astrology

An exalted planet also gets 1 Rupa strength; a planet having Kendra bal also gets 1 Rupa strength. The above mentioned strength allocation concept is NOT mentioned in any Astrological book. I am telling you this as per my little humble experience by the grace of god. Similarly moon getting complete Paksha Bal, i. These tips are especially important for those people, who are not aware of any concept of astrology except exaltation.

Your friend Nikhil has seen many astrologers and beginners, who will automatically declare any planet very strong just by seeing them in their exalted signs. Strength and auspiciousness measuring of a planet is done with the help of all the shad bal and non shad bal factors, just a quick briefing for you all:.

Horoscope of the Fourth Guru - Page 6 of 7 - Sat Siri Khalsa

Apart from Shad bal you need to see many other Non-Shad bal factors like, determining:. Like mth lord in nth house. All these concepts are not part of Shad bal.

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All these concepts have to be applied w. The only other text which has specified exact degrees instead of Navamsa extent of a pada is Jataka Parijata Adhyaya 1 Sloka 58 by Vaidyanatha Dikshit. I am providing both the verses in original for the benefit of the reader. This statement hides the underlying philosophy behind worship of Brahma. Brahma represents the intellect, Visnu the mind, Shiva the soul and Devi the body.

The human intellect is limited and thus is the cause of all challenges asuras in life. Only when intellect Brahma and its efforts Pushkara are put to the feet of Visnu cause of society , can it be worth the worship from mankind. The reasoning behind the Pushkara Navamsa is in the story of Pushkara. So, let us visit some of the key concepts of Pushkara Brahmas kamandalu is the source of Pushkara Brahma uses his hand to drop the water from his kamandalu to the feet of Sri Hari Visnu Pushkara nourishes Pushkara cleanses Pushkara becomes a river after touching the feet of Sri Hari Visnu Pushkara is associated with Brihaspati Pushkara has Jala Siddhi and is king of all waters in sacred places Brahmas kamandalu can only sit in the signs associated with Brihaspati since Brihaspati earned this boon from Brahma.

Thus, when Brihaspati is associated with Brahmas kamandalu, Pushkara flows onto the Earth. The signs of Brihaspati are Karka, its exaltation rasi, Dhanu its moolatrikona rasi and Meena its swashetra rasi.

Jala Tattwa is associated with Venus and Moon and thus their moolatrikona signs Tula and Vrishabha can also be linked with Pushkara. Sri Hari Visnu is associated with the dual signs but in the context of purity and cleansing it can be associated with Kanya the purest of the signs and Meena the feet of Kalapurusha and hence Visnu.


Below is the step by step derivation of Pushkara show in a pictorial way for the ease of the students. A Cleansing Exercise - I Ancient Indian Astrology Classes Page 12 The blank zodiac chart used to show all the Navamsa signs are provided below Brahmas kamandalu can surely sit in all the three signs associated with Brihaspati. Finally, due to the purity element in Pushkara, Kanya moolatrikona of Budha can also be associated with Pushkara.

Arms are always represented by the 3 rd or 11 th sign from a sign. For air signs, only one of the signs of Guru can be used for the kamandalu and since Shukra rules the Vayu moolatriokna and is a Jala Tattwa Graha and gets exalted in Meena, Meena is used as the Pushkara for Vayu signs as well. Vrishabha does become the right arm of Brahma. Let us study these closely now. Lagna is in Simha Rasi and Tula Navamsa. Brahma holds the Kamandalu in the right hand and pours the water with the left hand only for Agni rasis.

This means that Pushkar Navamsa position for Agni rasis are always tested for the sanctity in relationships and clean thoughts. Mahabrabhus natural dharma shows an extremely strong connection between 5 th house of brilliance with 1 st house of brain.

The divine nourishment from the Jupiter through the Pushkar Navamsha

Mahaprabhu was a scholar of the highest degree and even at a very tender age defeated great scholars in numerous competitions and debates. However, mundane things like job of a teacher and happy married life were put to test by the Pushkar Navamsa of Tula. Soon Mahaprabhu did not find any contentment with mundane life and took sanyasa and devoted his life to the bhakti of Sri Hari. In this process, he touched numerous lives and he spread the message of selfless love and compassion.

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  8. Here too Rahu took him away from marriage. His first wife was bitten by a snake Rahu and he separated from his second wife to take sannyasa. Sun is the 9 th Lord in Lagna and is also Vargottama. The purity of Swamijis Guru and Dharma is unquestionable here due to the placement of Sun.

    Sun is also karaka of the Atma and Swamijis will power is something that the whole world is aware of. Venus, the Lord of the 11 th and 6 th in Pushkaramsa enforces the purity in his thought in the domain of gains and his own weaknesses.

    Pushkara Navamsa : What is it?

    Venus, the karaka of spouse and bhoga being in a pure state, did not allow Swamiji to get married and settle down. Such a Venus is exalted in Navamsa and the purity of relationship that Swamiji was looking for can only be found in self- less love of the divine.

    Pushkara Navamsa and Pushkara Bhaga

    Saturn, the karaka of karma and the lord of the 2 nd and 3 rd houses in Swamijis chart enforced the highest karma on Swamiji seva, serving people selflessly. Swamiji often faced huge financial crisis but whenever such a situation occurred, since the karma was for the greater good, donor came in and helped out.

    This is a very rare brith indeed. It is as if Brahma is anointing the body, mind and spirit of Sri Krsna with waters from His kamandalu. Ketu and Mars are also in Pushkaramsa. Sri Krsna had 16, wives and it is often speculated by critics on the purity of his intent and romantic relationships. Ketu and Mars both rule Sri Krsnas 7 th house and it is clear from this that He had the purest intentions behind all the relationships He had.

    Venus is the lord of the 9 th and 4 th clearly indicating that his dharma is where his heart is. Venus is placed in the 2 nd rasi and debilitated in Navamsa. However, this simply means that the purity of Venus will be kept personal and not shared with the world. Venus as the karaka of spouse is Srimati Sarada maata. Ramakrishna and Sarada Maa had the purest of relationships. Ketu is the Lord of the 10 th rasi and being is pushkaramsa ensure clear and pure karma by the native.

    Pushkaramsa doesnt make one a saint as there has to be other indicators in the chart which has to reinforce the sainthood in a person. Rahu is placed in the 9 th rasi and rules the 5 th house. Rahu is desire unfulfilled, thirst unquenched and our unfinished karma. Hitler thought till the last breath that he was doing Gods work for a greater good by creating the Aryan race. His thoughts and his dharma radiated the extreme obsession with purity of the next generation 5 th hose. Such a combination is not a guarantee for a pious soul. Pushkaramsa indicates that in the area of life as indicated by the graha, the person will be tested severely for purity and will need to nourish.

    Vedic Astrology

    Failing to do so, such people will incur heavy punishment. Read Free For 30 Days. Description: Pushkara is composed of two words — Push nourish as in Pushti and kara to do or act or Push flower as in Pushpa and kara act or to give.