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They just do, and they trust their gut, and generally, it doesn't steer them in the wrong direction. Cancer individuals are extremely creative and have incredible imaginations — they are never boring, especially when it comes to showing their love. The problem is with so many talents, it can be overwhelming for Cancer to know what to focus on.

Not sure if you have good zodiac compatibility with this sign? Here is a complete guide to Cancer compatibility, so you can see where you stand. The problem is that Aries individuals have issues with their impulsive control and can lash out. They may not mean anything by it or it could just be a fleeting moment of negativity, but if it's directed at a Cancer individual, it will not only hurt them, it's not likely that they'll get over it quickly. It's not that Aries doesn't have a sensitive side — they definitely do, they just tend to be inwardly directed when it comes to being sensitive.

In addition, Cancers like to take their time with things especially relationships and make sure they're done right. Aries are very impatient and are okay if something isn't perfect as long as it's done fast. Cancer and Aries are like two trains who are on parallel tracks, join up for a while, and then split and go their separate ways. When these two get together, there's usually a collective exhale as, finally, they've found their true partner. Both of these signs need security and to be able to trust their partners.

They both like to go slow, making sure they aren't too hasty in making a decision. They're sensitive and caring, especially to their loved ones. Both of these signs are very sensual and enjoy all their five senses, whether it be tasting delicious food, drinking wine, listening to great music, or enjoying art. Cancer and Taurus are present for each other and won't stray, especially after they've made a commitment.

Can we skip over this one? These two are coming from completely different places. Geminis tend to be restless and need intellectual challenges and new experiences, while Cancers are more about nesting and bonding. Cancers tend to make Geminis feel smothered and fussed over as if they're the constant child in the relationship. When compared to the deeply caring Cancer, Gemini can come off as indifferent and callous. While Cancers have their moments where they're social, they're practically a hermit when compared to the social butterfly that is Gemini.

You might think that this is the perfect match, and on some levels, Cancer and Cancer are extremely compatible. The tricky part of a relationship between two Cancers is how much sensitivity is involved. Their relationship can become a breeding ground for resentment, grudges, misunderstanding, hurt, and emotional upheaval. Not everyone responds to emotional stress in the same way, and if a Cancer thinks that their partner isn't understanding them , they can get even more upset.

If not, they could be setting themselves up for some long-lasting acrimony and bad feelings. A relationship between these two signs could work, but both parties would have to make an effort. Both signs are dramatic in their own way — Cancer is highly sensitive and needy, and Leo loves attention and needs reassurances to keep their confidence up. Leos are powerful people who do not shy away from confrontation.

Cancers are sensitive and they don't like feeling conquered. However, both signs are loyal and are committed to their relationships. Both Cancer and Leo are creative, intelligent, and warmhearted. If they can find their groove, they could make it work and have a relationship that's filled with passion and romance. The relationship between Cancer and Virgo just gets better and intensifies over time. Cancer is everybody's shoulder to cry on and Virgo is the one they go to fix things, so together, Cancer and Virgo make everything better for everyone. Virgo isn't as openly emotional as Cancer, and Cancer could have better organizational skills, but these aren't deal breakers.

Both signs will go slow and really get to know each other, and neither enjoys making mistakes. They're very good at communicating with each other , even though Virgo is more logical and analytical than perceptive and intuitive Cancer. Their differences fit together well, and their similarities further strengthen their bond. Cancer and Libra isn't a great pairing. They can be friends but may have some disagreements and fights.

Cancer doesn't understand why Libras act from their heads instead of their hearts, and Libras find Cancers a little too easily distracted. Cancers are cautious while Libras for all their thinking can be gullible and easily influenced. When Cancer gets too emotional, Libra feels uncomfortable and will try to distance themselves out of a sense of not knowing what to do to help.

Cancers and Libras are at cross-purposes. It's not that they can't get along or that they don't like each other, they just don't understand why the other does what they do. There are a lot of misunderstandings that happen between these two, so in order to avoid too much aggravation, they're probably better off not getting romantically involved.

If the Capricorn starts trying to lay down the law, the Gemini may feel abused. This really is a fun combination! Gemini is all about wanting to do everything, go everywhere and see everyone. The delight they find in Leo is that Leo is happy to go along with all that — and dress the Gemini up to look their best as well. Leo bosses Gemini around and Gemini loves it. They are compatible in many ways. Even everyone around this couple will feel magnetically drawn to them.

Initially, this works very well. However, Leo has a tendency to put their own needs first.

Cancer Love Compatibility

Gemini often ends up acting as a referee or healer in this dynamic. But Gemini needs their time in the light too. Leo must be willing to recognize Gemini has. Geminis love to flirt, it comes naturally to them. But this will cause trust issues and Leo will simply not play second fiddle to anyone else. This dynamic is full of energy, speed, spontaneity, and impulsiveness, but there can be too many options and not enough decision making. Sagittarius is always going to bolt and leave a mess behind. Gemini will clean up but, over time, will start to question why they are always left to do so. This relationship can be very challenging — unless Scorpio is willing and able to give the Gemini the air time they need to talk and express themselves.

These two are polar opposites when it comes to talking. The Scorpio must let the Gemini talk but, equally, the Gemini must be prepared to be silent at times — or be judged. To make things work, this pairing need an agreement that covers quiet time and discussion time. On the plus side, both these signs are highly sexual and there is great chemistry between them.

On the plus side, this pairing have unbelievable creativity. They love watching movies, reading books, researching astrology and astrophysics. This can end up causing problems which both signs find difficult to deal with. They feel confused as to why they used to be so attracted to each other. Cancer with Cancer are cuddly home-bodies who delight in building a life together for themselves and their family.

However, even though their greatest strength is in their bond, their greatest weakness is also found in the same dynamic. This is a very compatible combination with bags of sexual and sensual connection. Both love music and art. They love to go out to a bar together, drink and party. As two signs who love to practice escapism, they have to watch their indulgences. If that happens, life can get very difficult for these two. Both these signs are dreamers. They are hugely in tune with each other and an ideal artistic team to take on decorating and visual productions. They have great rapport but, typically, not much real attraction.

As neither is very assertive, it can be difficult for them to move forward and make their dreams a reality. Gemini and Cancer is a great dynamic — for family connections! The combination has the makings of a sweet couple, but may struggle with longevity. Initially, Cancer will instigate Gemini to talk and ask a million questions — Gemini will love this. The high points for this couple are their shared appetite for history, fantasy, and intellectual pursuits.

The are also great when it comes to family and bonding. The negative side is that Gemini will feel an urge to take over and may become bored if Cancer stagnates. This creates a bad atmosphere and relations can become toxic. To keep things on track, this couple need to make sure they devote time to moving physical energy together and connecting sexually.

This combination is a square and they may find it difficult to get along. Whereas Libra can be very detached, Cancer wears their emotional heart on their sleeve. Cancer is motivated by family, but Libra needs space. Eventually, they may both feel that they are constricting the other. But they are both very relationship orientated signs, just in different ways. Cancer just wants to get on with things without the analysis.

A romantic relationship for this pair has every chance of working out if they work through their differences, perhaps through counselling. There is an attraction between these two people.

They share a love of beauty and art. Cancerians love to home-build. However, this can end up feeling suffocating for independent Aquarius. If Aquarius feels that they have to answer to the Cancer, or that the Cancer is trying to control them — sparks will fly. This really is such a dramatic love affair!

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Initially, these two are caught up in just how beautiful the other is. But initial excitement gives way to a power struggle in which neither will surrender. Leo is the natural healer for Cancer. The best point for this pairing is that Cancer initiates and Leo follows through on the commitment. However, if Leo thinks the Cancer is taking over, they will undermine.

This can be an excellent working team, but is prone to problems in a romantic relationship. To make this relationship stand the test of time, this couple need to work out how to exchange the power position from time to time. This can be a very tricky dynamic. Whereas Cancer is planning time for family activities and looking after the home and family, Sagittarius has one eye on the calendar as they plan their next adventure holiday.

The Cancer can find that incredibly disturbing. Cancerians thrive on stability, and stability is a four-lettered word for the Sagittarius. The positive side for this couple is that they have incredible energy and are both extremely strong. The low side is that Sagittarius changes too much and rocks the boat way too often. This really is the ultimate party waiting to happen, so hold onto your hats! These two share incredible celebrations as their energy is all about having a good time and looking great. They will dress each other up and spend hours perfecting a look, or a new hat!

But… beware of power struggles. Both these lions need to be in charge. To really make things work, they need to agree on a distribution of power and learn which of them is supposed to roar and when that should be! This is a very loud party just waiting to happen at any given moment. Both signs are messy, both are bossy, and just who is going to clean up after them? Leo will tend to take over but then complain, Sagittarius will just run for the hills when Leo becomes too much to handle.

The negativity rears its head when one of them has other elements influencing them that make them hold back more than the other. Then, they will feel oppressed and this feeling of oppression will lead to dishonesty. This pairing need to ensure they are true to themselves and honest with the other. This pairing is so much fun.

They love to dress up and go shopping. They look and smell just great! They eat well and go to the best restaurants. They want to play together and do so extremely well. This duo have a high appetite for life. They are just too similar. The positive side to this dynamic is that they create beautiful homes together, enjoy spending money, and life is never dull.

They may also compete for attention. They could find themselves in the position of having so much fun at the party that they forget they arrived together. Libra is super-independent, but has deep needs to be in a relationship. These signs are opposite so the initial attraction is magnetic. However, they are prone to driving each other mad. Leo needs way too much attention and adoration for aloof Aquarius.

Initially, Leo finds Aquarius so mesmerizing — all their colors, their individuality, and their quirkiness are so intriguing. However, over time this tends to wear off. The problem here is sustainability — this couple need to work together to understand their different needs. These two signs form a square, which means they have challenges to address. Leo is super-energized, whereas Taurus enjoys a slower pace of life. Both are opinionated and this can cause them to clash. The high ground for this couple is if they can learn to work in tandem and work out power positions. The low end of the spectrum for them will rear its head if the Leo feels the need to constantly take over.

This pairing are very compatible, whether as lovers, parents, or in business.

Both signs have specific tastes. They also delight in hitting the shops together. Leos have an inbuilt need to be in charge, which irritates the Virgo. Virgo tends to criticize and this drives Leo up the wall. This pairing excel in supporting each other but need to watch out for becoming overly irritated by their differences.

More Compatibility for you

This is enormously frustrating for both people. Capricorn is conservative and contained, whereas Leo wants to vent and throw things around! On the good side, both these signs look great. They love to dress up and pay attention to their personal appearance. They love to go out. Leo wants to go the the best restaurant and Capricorn delights in paying the bill. This pairing is very challenging.

Leo is naturally bossy and outspoken, whereas Scorpio needs quiet control. The best between these two is their high power and willingness to use that power to accomplish their goals, create love and attract people into their circle. The low side happens when there is a stand-off — neither will back down or understand the other.

This is a very confusing dynamic. However, Leo ends up getting annoyed with Pisces for not doing what they said they would do when they said they would do it. Together, this duo are highly creative. When Leo keeps telling Pisces what to do, Pisces will eventually evaporate and manifest somewhere entirely different. They are also prone to criticize each other. They love to provide lists of what needs done to each other, but will spend time arguing as to the best way to do everything. On the upside, this is an analytical machine. However, they can make each other worse when it comes to deciding on the best way to approach a task.

To make things work, they need lots of tasks to complete and a clearly defined structure as to who is in charge of deciding exactly how each task is approached. This couple can be highly compatible as both are organizers. Capricorn is a high-level organizer and Virgo loves to get deep into the details. Both are goal orientated. Together they share a highly sensual energy, they look great together and share a love of attention to their looks and cleanliness — especially the Capricorn. They have a mutual appreciation for tasks and getting things done. This is where they really work well together.

In fact, they make a great business team. Where they may have problems is that the Capricorn is more business orientated, but the Virgo loves to socialize. This combination can be tricky as Cancer loves to collect things and save stuff. Cancer makes piles of things they wish to keep and Virgo just wants to clean it up. They make a great parenting or mentoring team as they are similar in their leadership and caring style. They have similar friendship values and both like to get things done and sort out any problematical situations. Cancer is the more naturally introverted sign and Virgo the more social.

This duo are incredibly compatible. They have great chemistry as friends, partners or co-workers and share a sensual drive if they entwine as lovers. Together they move energy and get things done. Problems can occur if they are not on the same team. These signs are opposite so they are compatible, but will have their challenges due to their deep-seated differences. Virgo is so drawn to Pisces because of their beauty, non-traditional values and artistic abilities.

However, this can fade to frustration. Pisces is prone to terrible time-keeping and usually makes their own path rather than following directions. This may infuriate grounded Virgo. There is a lot of attraction between this pair. They share a really good sense of style and will spend hours getting ready to go out together. Virgo will make the decisions that Libra struggles to make — this is especially true in a romantic partnership. Both signs are people pleasers and have a need for approval teamed with a large social appetite. Both signs are prone to lateness — especially Libra.

This may a difficult dynamic. Aquarius has real problems committing, which will worry the Virgo. This duo may spend a lot of time doing stuff together, but neglect to spend quality time relationship building. They make a great business or office team — so efficient, organized and on time.

However, they struggle to find a romantic bone between them. They tend to forget that they are in love and look at their relationship as a business arrangement. They are capable of leaving their separate worlds to talk, but their communication will be short-lived before they return to being by themselves.

There is a square aspect between these two signs that creates a significant challenge between them. Virgo wants the details of everything, whereas Sagittarius looks at the bigger picture. Sagittarius wants to go outside and play, whereas Virgo prefers to work. Traveling together could end up being a bit of a nightmare… unless they work in tandem — Sagittarius coming up with the ideas and Virgo doing the organizing.

If they are in a romantic relationship and being true to themselves rather than putting a massive emphasis on keeping the pairing going, it could end up being very challenging. This is a good pairing. Libra is all about relationships and romance and Scorpio is brimming with sexual energy. As a result, both have a huge need for physical contact and a big appetite for their relationship. They also share an interest in art and are both very deep thinkers. Their shared values mean this couple are often successful.

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  7. A Libran and Piscean pairing has the potential for creative genius. They are incredible entertainers who throw the best parties around, thrilling their guests with their theatrical decorations. At first, they get on like a house on fire. But eventually, Libra detaches and Pisces becomes lost for words. The problem is, Pisces often feels emotionally unsettled. Two Librans are very attracted to each other. They are almost telepathic in their knack of knowing exactly what the other is thinking. This is pleasing to both of them initially but, eventually they begin to wear each other out.

    Both over-process everything and both love to talk, but exhaustion makes them detach. If neither has enough Earth in their chart to give them the staying power needed to see this relationship through, they will eventually drift apart. This is a highly compatible pairing in any respect.

    Cancer & Cancer: Love Compatibility

    They excel at socializing and making things happen. They love to learn together and may even share a desire to teach. These two signs have a square between them so the relationship can be challenging. Libra wants to talk about everything and Capricorn just wants to focus on their work. So, eventually, unless Libra is prepared to give power to the Capricorn, disillusionment sets in. Libra will start to push back and a power struggle will begin to fester. This is a party waiting to happen. Their music is loud, their clothes are beautiful, their house is messy, and nobody wants to clean up.

    Neither of them wants to be accountable, and neither of them wants to slow down — ever. Together, they just want to get up and go but they struggle to stay interested in each other for very long. Without someone to clean up after this messy duo, arguments begin that rock to boat way too much. This is a great pairing for business as their ability to generate ideas and give energy to projects is high.

    This is a highly compatible pairing. These two love being in the same energy as each other. They inspire each other to become even better and even more successful in everything they do.

    The Least Compatible Zodiac Signs

    Two Scorpios together are incredibly efficient, goal orientated and share an awe-inspiring drive. They are literally too focused on achieving their goals to care what anyone else thinks. Scorpios have a tendency to be non-verbal. These two communicate on an almost telepathic level far more than they chat. It will also help them to sort any problems they may face together. Both have a love for power, but will respect each others decisions.

    Scorpio pairs, at work, in love or as friends, can achieve so much together. But they need to spend a lot of time together to get the most out of the relationship. Just a quick meet up every now and again will do two Scorpios no good whatsoever. They need long, drawn-out times together to connect and align their purposes. Scorpio and Pisces together have the gifts of music, creativity and love-making. They are sensual and highly sexually compatible. Each partner feels naturally understood and their connection is effortless. Both share a love for family, but also for their own space.

    At home, Pisces creates beautiful things and Scorpio sustains the family. Scorpio also keeps Pisces from getting distracted and steers them back on course should they start to wander.

    Cancer Compatibility: What Is The Best Match For Cancer?

    This pairing can be very challenging. Scorpio wants to be in power, but Aquarius resists. Scorpio likes to control, but so does Aquarius. They just do it in very different ways: Aquarius establishes control by talking, changing things and resisting; Scorpio controls by sustaining, determination to follow-through and rock-solid reliability. As a result, these two are playing for the same prize, but the game is on two different playing fields. Aquarius loves to detach and spend time in the creative zone to come up with new ideas and directions.

    But Scorpio wants to look at what already exists, then sustain and expand on it. One sign wants grow and scale, while the other wants to break and change. Even though Scorpio is a Water sign and Sagittarius is a Fire sign, these two people are very compatible. Together they are so excitable and enthusiastic about everything. They have boundless energy that translates into lots of physical adventuring. Both signs love a challenge and feel that they have met their ideal match.

    Together, this powerful combination are an unstoppable force. Together they need to learn when and how to relax more. A Scorpio and Capricorn together are one of the most compatible pairings possible. Scorpio has the big ideas and Capricorn knows exactly how to execute them. This works well, whether they are in business, or the bedroom!

    Surprisingly, Scorpio usually loves to take directions from bossy Capricorn. Scorpios are like lie-detectors when it comes to quality and integrity. Scorpio will always do the best thing for their relationship and their life together. Together they build great things and manifest the material belongings they desire. The result is a power-struggle that neither will back down from. Both signs find forgiveness difficult, and neither is fond of talking over their problems, so how are they going to clear the air?

    This really is one almighty party waiting to happen. Together they will love spending money and traveling as far and wide as possible. Both really like maps so can spend evenings pouring over their routes to plan out their next adventures. They both feel genuinely moved by learning about new things. They could even combine their world adventures by spending time before the trip learning about the new cultures they hope to experience.

    There will always be fun and laughter between this pair. In fact, this pair will laugh at some things that seem obscure to the rest of us. Both signs love change and surprises and keep a packed suitcase under the bed so they are ready to travel at the drop of a hat. They are very amusing to each other and highly compatible. The only problem may be deciding which of them should stay home if there are domestic duties as well as adventures to be enjoyed? Sagittarius and Taurus are very attracted to each other.

    Taurus loves to play house, while Sagittarius enjoys going out and finding the financial resources to make their life comfortable. Both signs really appreciate nice, expensive things — particularly Taurus. Taurus loves to decorate their beautiful home with treasures Sagittarius provides. A Taurean is a very loyal character who is practical when it comes to home finances.

    If Sagittarius is happy for Taurus to control the budget, this area will run smoothly. Although they are compatible, there can be issues for this pair as they misunderstand each other at times. The crux of this is that Taurus tends to understate while Sagittarius exaggerates! It sometimes seems like they need a referee to clear up the misunderstandings between them and eliminate mixed messages.

    If they are going to last in a romantic partnership, they may really benefit from some relationship counseling to keep them from becoming disillusioned. These signs are very compatible together. Both are incredibly honest and direct with the other. Together, they make wonderful playmates and can amuse each other endlessly. They have big plans, their home is big and their dreams are big — in fact, the bigger the better.

    There really is no limit. They make a great business team, but also work as friends or a romance. Capricorn likes to be on top of budgets and accounts, whereas Sagittarius can be out of control in the same area. This causes sparks to fly. Both signs are willful, so there could be problems.

    These two people are always on the move, they need a lot of space to avoid bumping into each other — both literally and in a figurative sense. As long as they take time to be intimate with each other, as a romantic pair, they could stand the test of time. This can be an extremely challenging dynamic that takes a lot of work.

    Both Pisces and Sagittarius lie so easily! With two people constantly making things up, it can be impossible for either person to really know where they stand with the other. Relationships need base notes to build on, and boundaries to keep things in check. With both signs changing these foundation rules depending on their mood, successful commitment is difficult for this pairing. A Sagittarius and Pisces may break up a hundred times and keep coming back to each other.

    They may change jobs, move house and adopt new sets of friends time and time again.